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Żaluzje międzyszybowe
Żaluzje międzyszybowe

Integral blinds inside hermetically sealed glass

The integrated venetian blinds installed inside hermetically sealed glass units with raise, lower and tilt functions are, without a doubt, our flagship product. We are the only one national manufacturer of this kind of blinds. The utility values of this modern product are undisputed. They protect from the sun in the summer, don’t take the sunlight away in the winter and autumn, don’t require any maintenance or cleaning.  You will not have to do a meticulous job of removing dust from the slats of the binds! That will save you a lot of time and energy and the blinds will be always clean and shiny!

Due to its advantages, they are particularly useful in the places of increased hygienic requirements, for example in hospitals and health care centers. You will be for sure satisfied with this product!


There are many functional advantages of Izoglas blinds in insulating glass:

  • Unlike the external sun protections, they are not exposed to harmful weather conditions such as wind, rain and snow, 
  • Unlike the internal and external sun protections, they are always clean and free of dust,
  • Don’t require any cleaning or maintenance
  • Allow for precise regulation of the amount of light entering the room. The slats can be placed in optimum position to illuminate the room evenly, so the sunlight disperses after being reflected, i.e. from the ceiling. That creates a nice atmosphere for work and rest, 
  • The screens of the computers are visible and there is no need of artificial light, 
  • Contribute to suppress noise from the outside, 
  • Blinds closed in a hermetical glass unit enhance thermal parameters of the glass units, what saves heat energy in the winter,
  • Help to reduce costs of air conditioning in the summer,
  • Safe for the users, no risk of injury,
  • Protect privacy inside house and office,
  • Modern and innovative product. The blinds with electrical control can be connected to the intelligent building systems,
  • Perfect for external windows and doors as well as the partitian walls inside the buildings!


High quality and experience

The integral blinds available until now on the national market didn’t have raise function and didn’t meet quality requirements. Their short warranty period (mostly 1 year) left the Clients abandoned to their fate.

Creating such a perfect product has cost us a lot of effort and work in order to maintain strict quality standards. Izoglas integrated blinds have passed a reliability test before being introduced into production. The test consisted of raising and lowering the slats 100 000 times in a temperature of +85 oC!

Because of the influence of ultraviolet radiation and temperature, the materials used for production have to meet special requirements. We use elements provided by renowned European producers from Sweden, Germany, Switzerland and France. Our efforts have paid off, because now we can offer 5-year warranty period for our blinds. The blinds made and assembled in year 2001 are still well functioning and don’t require any maintenance – what confirm the references issued by the Voivodship Specialized Hospital in Radom as well as references of other institutions.


Universal application

The integral blinds IZOGLAS can be easily fitted in all kind of PVC, aluminum and wooden windows, as well as in the partition walls or wintergardens.

We supply blinds already hermetically sealed within glass units, so that we can give a 5-year guarantee for the hermeticity of glass units, besides the 5- year guarantee for blinds. But there is also an option of selling blinds without glass and sending them to the Clients all over the world safely packed in tubes.


Technical data

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Blinds are installed inside low-emissivity glass, filled with argon gas. A special drive system of internal slats ensures the tightness of the glass unit and the durability of argon filling.

Various combinations of glass units
Izoglas blinds can be installed in double- and triple-glazed units with combinations of various types of glass, i.e. with safety glass, glass with increased resistance against house-breaking, sound-absorbing glass, anti-solar or ornamental glass.
The only limitation for the combinations of glass types is thickness of the glass units - minimal thickness is 36 mm and maximum of 52 mm.
Standard glass unit includes the following: 4-mm-thick external glass pane with a spacer 27 mm and a blind + Argon gas and a 4-mm-thick internal low-emission glass pane (Le) (4/27/4Le).

Manually controlled blind
Minimum width Bmin = 350 mm, maximum width Bmax = 2000 mm
Minimum height Hmin = 500 mm, maximum height Hmax = 2300 mm
Electrically controlled blind 
Minimum width Bmin = 500 mm, maximum width Bmax = 2000 mm
Minimum height Hmin = 500 mm, maximum height Hmax = 2300 mm

27-mm-wide aluminium spacer is applied in order to combine glass panes into a unit with integrated blinds.

The aluminum slats are produced by a Swedish company with 30 years of experience in painting venetian blinds slats. Along with this experience and the modern coating line, they have a very modern production plant, which provides the highest quality in their slats.
The slats we use in Izoglas blinds are 15 mm wide and 0,21 mm thick.
The standard available colors of the slats are white, gold and silver. Upon an individual request and an extra charge we can provide other colors plain - metallic - structure - duet - patterned –perforated

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The blind can be made with manual or electrical control. There is also a possibility of simultaneous control in the façades using solar and time sensors and computer programs.  
Two options of raising, lowering and turning of the slats are possible:
Manual control  - using an endless-bead chain. Some extra space should be considered for a little wheel driving the blind, which sticks out 9 mm beyond the contour of the glass unit!
Electric control – with 24 V motors placed in the superior cassette of the blind. The blinds are controlled by a switch or a remote-control.  There is a possibility of controlling not only single blinds, but also groups of blinds and central control of the façades using solar and time sensors or computer programs.

Thermal properties 
The heat transfer coefficient for the glass unit 4/27/4Le + Argon gas with an integrated blind is U=1,2  [W/(m2*K)]
In case of a triple glass unit 4-27-4-10-4Le with integrated blind the coefficient is U=0,7 [W/(m2*K)], and it is even better when a blind is closed.

Application of the best materials imported from Western Europe, the highest quality and experience gained in production since 1999 allows us to offer a 5-year warranty period for Izoglas blinds. The guarantee includes the tightness of the glass unit as well as the infallibility of the blinds. 
Izoglas blinds have a very high infallibility rate and there are practically no problems also when the guarantee expires. However, if the glass gets broken it can be easily replaced as well as the blind itself.

Combined glass units with integrated blinds Izoglas have Safety B Mark Certificate issued by the Glass and Ceramics Institute In Warsaw. 

Integral blinds IZOGLAS with manual control

Integral blinds IZOGLAS with manual control

Integral blinds IZOGLAS with electric control

Integral blinds IZOGLAS with electric control

Examples of implementation of the integral blinds IZOGLAS

Examples of implementation of the integral blinds IZOGLAS